Remax Cup 2012



Remax Cup 2012, Sunday 15th July Champagne & Chukkas

On Sunday 15th July three teams contended the Remax Cup 2012 in a friendly round-robin here at Pijaubert. As usual guests came from afar afield to participate in our Champagne&Chukkas event, including new friends from Italy with whom we hope to develop some serious polo-fun (watch this space for Champagne & Chukkas in medieval castles...)
The first round took place between the Remax team (Antoine Serval, Vincent Girard and Ouari Beddou) and the Huguenots (Gary Pike, Jamie Pike and Caroline Pike) the action was intense and finished two-nil for Remax.
The winners left the ground and their place was taken by Pijaubert Polo (Alexia Pike, Hocine Boudouaia and Ekaterina Prunkova) again some really nice play was enjoyed by all including some mid-air juggling from Alexia Pike who fished air-shot from brother Jamie out of the air and to everybody's awe put it where it belonged (in the goal!). However this wasn't enough to give Pijaubert victory this time and the final score was three-one for the Huguenots.
The last match was played between Pijaubert Polo and the Remax team and was neck to neck the whole way, Remax scored the first goal but Pijaubert equalised almost immediately, following up with another goal to put the score at two-one. Remax responded with gusto with another two goals in quick succession and at just two minutes before the end things were starting to look bad for Pijaubert. However Pijaubert scored an equaliser putting the final score at three-three ten seconds before the final whistle signaled the end of play !
Overall the winners were the Remax team, followed by the Huguenots and Pijaubert Polo. Remax very generously distributed their winners'booty (a Jeroboam of Billecart-Salmon from sponsors Velier of Italy) to an initially enthralled and subsequently tipsy crowd of spectators at the prize-giving :)
Many thanks, as always go to our sponsors, Velier wines of Italy, Remax France and the team from Cannes, Mille Colonnes from Draguignan and French Mortgage Express who made sure we didn't run out of champagne.



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