Coupe des Mille Colonnes June 2012



La Coupe des Mille Colonnes - June 2012

On Sunday 10th June we finally managed to open the season after having to postpone our first tournament by a month because of rainy Sundays ! 
Three teams, Pijaubert Polo, Mille Colonnes and the International Polo Guide met for fun and games at Pijaubert with an action-packed Round-Robin played to an enthralled public who had travelled from Italy, Hong Kong, Iceland, Finland, Russia and Australia in what has become our own particularly very international style.
A nex stylish backdrop was supplied by artist Mardi of Canada who sent us a wonderful glass sculpture (see pictures) from her Equus Collection that really addeed style to the proceedings !
The first round between Pijaubert-Polo (Alexia Pike, Caroline Pike, Hocine Boudouaia) and Mille Colonnes (Jamie Pike, Ouari Beddou, Vincent Girard) saw some very clean and sweet play which meant the public was able to follow the game as well as any of the usual aficionados. The teams were really well balanced and every attack was met by an able defence; the round closed at one-nil for Pijaubert Polo.
As usual the victors left the ground and the second round was played between Mille Colonnes and International Polo Guide (Antoine Serval, Gary Pike, Ekaterina Prunkova) some flash-goals and more than a little luck left International Polo Guide well in front with a final score of four-one. Things were looking promising for the final which was then played between Pijaubert Polo and International Polo Guide, but a ball stolen in extremis by Hocine Boudouaia from Antoine Serval put the score at one-nil for Pijaubert who emerged victorious.
Many thanks got to our regular and recurring sponsors, Velier Italy and Remax France, and also to our new sponsors International Polo Guide, Mille Colonnes from Draguignan, and French Mortgage Express; welcome on board :)




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