The Polo

Polo holiday makers will get on a horse twice a day, for morning lessons and afternoon chukkas.
The program will of course vary from person to person, but generally for beginners it will look a little something like this...:

Foot Mallet Sessions

This concentrates fully on how to swing a polo mallet and what a good swing feels like. Once confortable with that, we move to the next phase:

Riding Lessons

This will work on getting  you as confortable as possible in the saddle, so that you can then focus purely on the polo rather than hanging on for dear life...

Stick&Ball Lessons

Once feeling good in the saddle we move on to working on the swing (on horseback this time), ride-offs, teaching a basic understanding of rules & tactics, and anything else that you'd like to improve... 


We'll have chukkas in the afternoon. An instructor on each side, giving further advice to team mates on fouls, positioning and tactics etc.

Matches  & Tournaments

For intermediate players we'll be playing matches without all the breaks, just full on polo with that wonderful continuous adrenaline rush that makes us all addicted! :)