EQUUS 05/2011


18 May 2011- EQUUS - Remax v. Pijaubert Polo

The event sponsored by Equus at Pijaubert-Polo was a great success. Artist Mardi brought in her amazing equestrian artwork from Canada (see Gallery) which was exhibited as if it were floating in space between the trees of the forest. Surreal ! The demonstration polo match generated a lot of interest with the public, the home team Pijaubert-Polo emerged victorious over challengers Remax-France by a narrow one goal margin, the final score standing at 5-4 for Pijaubert. Champagne and music flowed late into the night as latecomers from the Cannes film festival turned up for the show.
Photos now up in the gallery!
Video montage of the event by Hermann Doyo (Hdo studio) on youtube. Click here.