Indian Summer Cup 09/2011



Sunday 18th September 2011 - Indian Summer, end of season tournament at Pijaubert Polo

The Indian Summer Cup was played yesterday between Pijaubert Polo and a guest team from Aix-en-Provence, sponsored by Remax France.

The first chukka was lightning-fast as the two teams duelled for the lead. Antoine Serval scored the first goal for Pijaubert but the advantage was lost in a flash as Lahcène El Hamri equalised with a shot from the sixty-yard line. Alexia Pike made it two-one but then Jamie Pike equalised with a stunning back which drew gasps from players and spectators alike. The chukka closed at three -two for Pijaubert.

The game progressed neck-and-neck through the second chukka which closed at five-four for Pijaubert, but in the third chukka Pijaubert finally overcame Remax and the game finished with a final score of eight-four for Pijaubert.

The match was the last of this season's Champagne and Chukkas series and enjoyed strong spectator support from a hundred or so friends and guests who in true Pijaubert style were plied with bubbly and curry and saffron rice to keep them cheering through the game. Several newcomers fell in love with the sport and signed-up immediately for lessons in the autumn, so we feel the day was a great success from every point of view.

We thank sponsors Remax, Velier Italy, OG Wines, and also Auger and Riviera Radio for their help in promoting this season's tournaments, and we look forward to seeing everybody come back soon for more Champagne and Chukkas.