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 We are currently looking for sponsors for the following events:
-''Champagne & Chukkas'' 20 May 2012
Have a little read below, an overview of the event development in 2011. 2012 promises to be a much bigger year, larger crowds, more polo and larger media coverage.
Please contact Alexia Pike at apike@Pijaubert-Polo.com for more information.

Last season's ''Champagne & Chukkas'' tournaments were a great success for Pijaubert -Polo; not only did we have amazing fun playing all that polo but we also managed to invite our friends to a series of great parties. Of course the central theme was always champagne (generously supplied by Velier wines of Italy) and polo (generously supplied by Pijaubert Polo of France) but each event was unique in its genre.
At the first tournament we organised a vernissage for artist Mardi who had come all the way from Canada with her paintings; as the tournament was timed to coincide with the Cannes Film Festival there were guests from the world of cinema, one of whom, a film producer from Germany bought the best piece for his collection. It was a very successful first event!
At the second tournament (the Remax Rematch) as well as of our local friends and guests there were more than twenty people who had travelled from Italy to see their first game of polo, and being fun-people, the fun carried on all weekend (Viva L'Italia!)
By the time we held the third tournament Polo was all the buzz in the area we had the local TV station filming the game and interviewing Alexia sitting on the bonnet of a Roller from Monte-Carlo explaining why you haven't lived until you've played polo.
The last tournament of 2011 was the Indian Summer Cup and gave us the chance to meet more new friends and to close the season in style with over a hundred guests from England, Monaco, Italy, France and Russia. We almost drained the champagne and therefore will have to get some more in 2012.
The main focus of Pijaubert Polo is of course polo, but as you see there is a whole world and lifestyle which revolves around the game. The 2012 series of ''Champagne & Chukkas'' will not only give us a chance to play polo and share it with our friends, but will also provide sponsors with a chance to entertain their clients, to meet new clients and also to do something original and fun with their sponsorship funds.
Individual and group lessons will continue throughout the season, and this year we are also looking forward to running corporate polo weekends where we will be taking first-time riders and teaching them to play polo while staying at the Estate or the nearby Four Seasons resort. Chasing the little white ball with the wind in your hair and adrenaline blasting through your veins, you will really learn to bond with your colleagues! Seasoned riders and experienced polo-players are of course especially welcome, but we also have plenty to offer the less adventurous !

Sponsors of 2011